the best hostess gift ever

I had a few women over for dinner (cassoulet, salad bar, apple crisp) before seeing a show.  I LOVE the hostess gift they brought!  It was thoughtful, and completely useful…I will use every little herb leaf.  It looks amazing on my kitchen bar, and smells delicious.  Thank you.

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Halloween Tree: Acorn Ornaments

I thought I was OTT, spending a week of weeknights painting and glittering 75 acorns to look like candy corn, but I really think they make the tree.

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Halloween Tree: DIY Mickey Licorice Candy

Here is a basic how-to-make swirled candy mickey ornaments:

cover each side, separately, with glitter glue and apply large crystal clear glitter for the finished look:


MICKEY candy ornament

Halloween Tree: DIY Mickey Candy Ornament

Here is a basic how-to-make this little candy ornament:

mold two colors of polymer clay into discs about 3/8″ thick by 1 1/4″ in diameter


Halloween Wreath: deco mesh hot mess

So, my halloween wreath didn’t turn out as fancy and bright as I had envisioned….but since you cannot see my visions of sugar plums, I’ll still share.

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The actual making of the deco mesh wreath was super fun and easy.  I usually choose crafts that take a week or more to complete, but this is a quick hour to instant gratification!


1. Buy a base with pipe cleaner thingys already attached.

2. Starting on the outer rim, twist a pipe cleaner around the end of the deco mesh.

3. Grab and scrunch the deco mesh about 14″ from the tied end.  Twist the next pipe cleaner clockwise on the wreath around your scrunched grab.

4.  Do it again!  and again, roating through the inner rim.

5. Cut off the deco mesh after the last twist.

DIY WREATH 1 DIY WREATH 2 DIY WREATH 36.  I cut ribbon into 12″ lengths and simply tied at the outer rim twists.

7.  I also used pipe cleaners to attach glittered christmas ornament balls at each tie.

8.  Finally, I added candy ornaments in the same pipe cleaner manner.DIY WREATH 4


Halloween Party: Invitations

I truly believe that the moment a recipient opens an invitation, they make a decision on whether to attend the event, or not.

This season, I took my time, and addressed each Halloween party envelope with my own cursive style calligraphy.  Some, I delivered.  Some, I left under the Halloween tree as if it were a special present.

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These are the invitations inside each envelope.  I made them at Tiny Prints last year, but never used them.  This year, they have inspired my entire Halloween decorating spree (see the halloween tree, and wreath, and cupcakes)!!!!


I love the way Tiny Prints allows you to place a little photo on the back.  Since the theme of the party is ‘smell my feet’, I chose a photo of my feet snuggling in front of a fire in Taos.